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12,000 Per Year

More than twelve thousand
successful medical marijuana card evaluations in Colorado per year.

5 Years

More than 5 years of providing new cards to renewing medical marijuana cards online!

12,000 Per Year

We do more than twelve thousand
successful medical marijuana card evaluations in Colorado per year.

5 Years

We’ve been providing more than 5 years of service. From new cards to renewing medical marijuana cards online, we’re confident you we can take care of you!


With an average rating of 4.9 stars and more than ~2K reviews combined our clinic has more Google reviews and higher ratings than any clinic in Colorado. 

How Do I Get A MMJ Card?

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Doctors of Natural Medicine

Doctors of Natural Medicine – Medical Marijuana Doctor is a premier Medical Marijuana Clinic connecting patients to qualified physicians evaluating them for a Colorado medical marijuana card.

Known for our exceptional customer service we conduct over 9,000 evaluations per year in the state of Colorado.


Our doctors are licensed professionals providing top quality evaluations for our patients, even when simply renewing a medical marijuana card online

Secure & Compliant

We are 100% HIPPA compliant, meaning all your information is 100% secure.

Risk Free

Our money back guarantee states you get approved for a Colorado medical marijuana card or your money back!

What Our Patients Are Saying:

Summer Rawley

“The staff is always very friendly and informative. The process of setting up my visit and then getting my card was very easy and fast. It was nice being able to do my visit over the phone especially due to all this covid chaos. I would highly recommend Doctors of Natural medicine to anyone looking for a Dr. for their medical card needs.”

Peter Cruz

“They are very helpful and made the over the phone process extremely easy.”


“This was my first time applying for the med card and Doctors of Natural Medicine was fantastic to work with, price was great and the phone call was painless. Thank you DONM I will see you next year.”

Marta Parker

“I would like to thank your office for stellar customer service from the initial process of applying to see Dr. Donley to the extreme patience Dan showed to a ‘boomer’ who had a frustrating experience navigating the state application process. you were kind and thoughtful and it’s very appreciated. 5 stars all the way! will definitely recommend to friends.”

Staci Nebel

“I was very pleased with the services at Doctor’s of Natural Medicine. The physician was super friendly and empathetic to my situation. He listened and reassured me that this would definitely help! The process of applying was super simple and it’s very helpful if you sign up before your 1 on 1 consultation. It only helps to speed the process up. In the era of Covid this was all done via telemedicine and I thought it was a seamless process and all in all took me less than 48 hours for approval.”

Bill Kline

“The medical interview was stress-free, and staff was a big help in completing necessary state forms. Highly recommend using Natural Medicine for your state medical card.”

Nate Shelton

“Wonderful friendly service and super prompt appointment times. My consultation was scheduled less than 24 hours after I called and took 15 minutes.”

Free Pre-Check

Are you not sure if you qualify for an MMJ Card? Fill out our free pre-check form and we will let you know of your status  within one business day.

Our Colorado Locations

We are now serving all of Colorado in our main offices.
Click one of the following locations to learn more.

Colorado Springs

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Medical Marijuana Card near me - Doctors of Natural Medicine Colorado

    Book an appointment and get your own medical marijuana card

    The highly beneficial influence of medical marijuana is well known and has been widely documented over the years. We are well aware that this helpful substance can bring ease into the lives of countless patients, and that is why, at Doctors of Natural Medicine we made it our mission to provide medical evaluations for citizens of the state of Colorado. We aim for this process to be quick and efficient so more and more people can feel the beneficial influence of cannabis and get their own prescription. Every year our team performs over nine thousand successful evaluations for medical marijuana cards in Colorado. Book your appointment too, and find potent relief from the pain you experience.

    Apply for medical marijuana card Online in Colorado

    At Doctors of Natural Medicine, we want to give you the easiest access to the pain relief you need. That is why we made sure you can do it in just three simple steps. First, you need to schedule an appointment with an accredited Medical Marijuana doctor who is authorized for this task by the state. Of course, our medical team is composed of state-licensed Physicians that have all the qualifications to prescribe your medicinal marijuana. The second step is the appointment itself, which can happen in person at one of our locations. During the meeting, the health professional will evaluate if your condition qualifies you for a Red Card. The final step in applying for a medical marijuana card online is completing and submitting the application through the state’s website. After two to five business days, you will receive a reply, and if it is positive, you will be able to print out your own card and legally use medical cannabis.

    Find out if you qualify for the Red Card

    Are you wondering whether you qualify for a medical marijuana card  in Colorado? Among the health conditions that fall under that umbrella are Cachexia, Cancer, Chronic pain, Chronic nervous system disorders, Glaucoma, HIV or AIDS, Nausea, Persistent Muscle Spasms, Seizures, as well as PTSD. The list also includes medical conditions that are treated with prescription opioids. Of course, our specialists will review each case individually so they can make an extensive evaluation and reach the correct verdict. Naturally, at Doctors of Natural Medicine, you can also renew your medical card in Colorado. Currently, we work at four locations in the state – check Colorado Springs MMJ Doctors, Denver MMJ Doctors, Pueblo MMJ Doctors and MMJ Doctors Fort Collins. However, you can always reach us through the phone. Please remember that our specialists follow HIPAA guidelines, and you can be sure all your information is safe in our hands.

    Do you have any questions regarding acquiring or renewing your medical marijuana card online in Colorado? Do you want to know if you qualify for a cannabis prescription? Don’t wait any longer and contact us! Our team will happily provide you with answers and assist you in applying for the Red Card that will help you deal with everyday pain.

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