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Everything you need in order to successfully apply for your MMJ Card (AKA Red Card) Online in Colorado.

Here are instruction on how to apply for your medical marijuana after your appointment with our doctor. Feel free to watch the video for a live step-by-step tutorial. However, if you prefer to read instructions and follow along with pictures, just keep scrolling down. We will also provide time stamps throughout this article if you are having a problem with a specific issue and would want to see it being done.

If you haven’t had a doctor evaluate you yet this will not apply to you so please book an appointment first. 

If you have had your medical marijuana card issued in the state of Colorado before, please click here as the MMJ card renewal instructions are slightly different.

How To Apply For Your Medical Marijuana Card Online In Colorado

How to get a medical marijuanas card in Colorado

Step 1: Go to the CDPHE Medical Marijuana Site

The first thing you are going to have to do is go to the site. Click the link and the site will open in another tab.

IMPORTANT*: Do not type www for this domain, for some reason it will not direct you properly.

Step 2: Click PAtient and Physician Registration

Link to time stamp on video: 0:08

Since you have never gotten your card before, click the Patient and Physician Registration button. If you have gotten your card through this site before, please renew your mmj card. 

Step 3: Fill out your User Information

Link to time stamp on video: 0:15

Fill out the form on this screen. Make sure to use an e-mail address you have immediate access to as you will be sent a code to verify your account.

Make sure the box is selected as “Applicant.”

Tip: An easy way to remember your username will be by making it the same as your e-mail address.

Click “Register” to move to the next step.

Step 4: Click the "Click Here" Link

Link to time stamp on video: 0:59

On the following page you will see a confirmation page. As you can see in the image it will say your name and your e-mail. In the third paragraph you will see the “click here” button.

You will be sent back to the same page we started at.

Step 5: Fill out the page with your new credentials

Link to time stamp on video: 1:07 On this page, enter the username you just created (Photo 1). The password will be a temporary password that was sent to your email (Photo 2). Make sure you enter this password exactly as how it appears in your e-mail. Click “Sign In.”
application for a medical card online
Photo 1
apply for medical marijuana card online
Photo 2

Step 6: Fill out your New Password

Link to time stamp on video: 1:55

When the page changes, your “current password” will already be filled out. If you accidently delete this, just fill it out again with the same temporary password that was sent to you in your e-mail.

Enter a new password. Keep in mind your password should have at least 8 digits, one capital letter, one number, and one symbol.

Example: Drnatmed#1

Click “Change Password.”

Step 7: Click the New Patient Registration Button

Link to time stamp on video: 2:46

On the new page, click the “New Patient Registration” button.

Step 8: Fill out the form

Link to time stamp on video: 3:01

This page is pretty straight forward. Click the dropdown box and choose one of the options: 

  • I am applying for myself. 
  • I am applying on behalf of my minor child.
  • I am applying for another as Legal Representative.

Fill out all your information and attach your ID.

Click “Save”.

The page will reload. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Double check all your information. If everything looks correct click “Save and Submit Patient Application.” 

Step 9: Locate The Provider Certification In your Online application

Link to time stamp on video: 5:44.

Once the page redirects. Click the “New” button (Photo 1). 

In the Provider Certification Number row, click the empty box (Photo 2) and click the number inside the box (Photo 3), this is your Provider Certification Number that the doctor uploaded to the state site.

 After you click the number the page will auto populate. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save” (Photo 4).

fill out the medical marijuana card online application
Photo 1
how to apply for a medical marijuanas card colorado
Photo 2
how to renew medical card
Photo 3
colorado medical marijuanas card renewal
Photo 4

Step 10: Fill out your Cultivation Information

Link to time stamp on video: 6:36

Take your cursor down to the “New”button and click it (Photo 1). 

Select one of the cultivation options on the following page. Most people will select the first option, but select the one that is correct for you (Photo 2). 

Type your name at the bottom and click “save” (Photo 3).

Photo 1
renew medical marijuana card
Photo 2
medical marijuana card renewal
Photo 3

Step 10: Pay for your application!

Link to time stamp on video: 7:20

Just like the previous two times, click the new button (Photo 1). 

Once the page loads click “Click Here to Pay” (Photo 2).

That’s it! Fill out your credit card information with the secure site and your card will be given to you in 1-3 business days.

Photo 1
Photo 2

Having trouble paying for your MMJ card Application?

If you are having trouble paying, click here. This will show you how to enter your information on their site.