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Medical Marijuana For Stress

In this article we will go over how medical marijuana can help you with stress. AIn addition to this, we will go over other crucial information, including legality, that will aid you in your journey with medical marijuana.

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Can I get a Med Card for Stress?

As some of you already know, in Colorado, you cannot get your medical card to purchase medical marijuana without the permission of a doctor. Due to state regulations, to use medical marijuana, you must have one of the qualifying conditions. To see the most current list of qualifying condition please check check out this page hereEven though stress may not be a qualifying condition, many patients use medical marijuana for their stress on a daily basis. How did they get their medical card though?

There are a multitude of reasons why patients suffer from stress on a daily basis. Some suffer from PTSD or have experienced Trauma of some sort. Others have intense pain which only exacerbates the stress they feel. When it comes to getting a medical card, you should see if you have any of these conditions. If you do, you may be eligible to get a med card to use medical marijuana for your stress and your condition

Do you need your MEd Card?

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How Can Marijuana Be Effective for My Stress?

Alternative Harmless option

Many people who are struggling with stress can turn to harmful substances which can be addicting or hurtful. Some turn to medication or even alcohol. The benefit of medical marijuana is that it is neither addictive nor harmful and can help you relieve your stress in a more long term fashion.

PTSD & Chronic Pain Patients Suffering from Stress

Many patients suffering from more intense conditions deal with stress on a daily basis due to the fact that their condition become unmanageable. With the medication out there today, these people can easily become addicted to pain meds or opioids. Medical marijuana allows these patients an alternative medicine that can relieve these symptoms while they work through the major causes with therapy or recover with their doctors. We encourage you to try medical marijuana if you feel you fall into this category.

What type of Marijuana Reduces Stress?

Each strain of marijuana has different compounds. Each compound can have different effects on your stress levels and it is important to know what may be best for you. As many people already know, the most common compounds in marijuana are CBD and THC and the strains that most people know are sativas and indicas. We will go over these specifics below.

THC is preferable

 There is a lot of conflicting information out there regarding which compund is better. From the studies that have been published, CBD is best for those who are suffering from anxiety but can also improve those dealing with stress. However, if you are dealing with only stress, THC seems to be the best compound to experiment with.

In Low Doses

The most common claim is that medical marijuana can relax and relieve your stress but only at low THC doses.  This is important due to the fact that higher doses can actually exacerbate and have the opposite effect. This was published in a recent journal called Drug and Alcohol Dependence.  If you would like to read more, check out this article in Medical News Today.

Sativa or Indica?

When it comes to the two differente types of strains, sativa seems to be the strain that causes an energizing effect. It can also help reduce your stress or anxiety and increase creativity and focus.

This may not be the overall solution to your stress, but can definitely help point you in the right direction. Remember, each patient is different and its important to record and document your doses as you seek what might be best for you.

The Final Frontier: Terpenes

What are Terpenes?

The final quality you should look for in your marijuana is a thing called a terpene. In essence, terpenes are the oils in marijuana that release a specific type of smell. Terpenes act as a sort of essential oil, and although the research is limited, we do know some basics.

Limonene helps stress!

Limonene is the terpene most known for giving off a lemon-like smell. Limonene is also the terpene most known for improving mood and reducing your stress!

Final Thoughts: An Emphasis on Low Doses

We hope you enjoyed this article and see that marijuana can be helpful in combatting your stress. The final point we would like to stress is to go slow and remember to use a low dose. As mentioned above, marijuana can actually increase your stress levels if the dose it too high. It is important to be safe and conservative when trying to medicate for your stress. If you would like to know more, please consider booking a risk-free appointment with one of our doctors to see if you qualify to receive a red card (medical marijuana card) today.