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Does CBD Help With Weight Loss?

Does CBD help with Weight Loss

CBD is becoming increasingly popular nowadays as ‘a fun and effective’ stimulator that aids in weight loss. 

But does CBD help with weight loss or are people looking for another excuse to consume some cannabis? Let’s find out.

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What The Research says about using CBD for weight loss

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound extracted from the plant we all know as Cannabis. 

Thorough research has produced some favorable results, backing up claims that CBD does indeed help in weight loss. The effect is not direct, but it certainly does! 

Here are some of the things we found:

1. CBD Reduces Your Appetite

According to Medical News Today, scientists have found that CBD represses the CB1 receptor causes the individual to eat less. When CB1 receptors are stimulated, a hormone is released that tends to make people feel hungry, hence increasing the food intake. But since CBD antagonizes it, CB1 receptors are blocked off, and with it, kills the urge to take that extra bite. This can help you decrease the number of calories you consume in a day and help you loss weight.

2. Turns Bad Fat into Good Fat

Many people don’t know that the body has two kinds of fat, brown and white. White fat is prevelant in chronic illnesses and CBD can help convert that into brown fat.

How does it work?

CBD inhibits the key proteins involved in the generation of fats and positively controls how they act. Brown fat cells have been observed to be a more active kind of fat and easily burn off energy as heat. Brown fat aides the body in breaking down fat more efficiently.

3. Reduces the risk of Metabolic Disorder

A study done on rats has revealed that CBD intake has decreased cholesterol levels in obese rats by 25%. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of CBD aided in decreasing high levels of sugar in the blood and increased signs of a healthy liver. 

More studies need to be conducted regarding how CBD reacts in the human body, but it is safe to say that it might act similarly and help decrease your cholesterol levels, and even help against type 2 diabetes and high blood pressures all the while combatting obesity.

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Pain Relief, CBD oil and Weight Loss

CBD is most well-known for being an analgesic, in other words, a pain reliever. Multiple studies have proved that CBD usage helps in curing chronic pain and others have suggested that CBD has had positive effects on patients with arthritis by significantly decreasing pain and inflammation.  

Knowing this, how does CBD aid with weight loss?

Relief from any kind of pain opens the doors to being able to freely move your body around which can certainly allow you to get off the couch and runs some miles around the block or even hit the gym. 

Now, this might not be a direct effect, but we all know that a more active lifestyle can completely change your mindset and therefore your body. Don’t underestimate how CBD can help you get there.

If you are suffering from severe pain and would like to try medical marijuana, book a medical card appointment with one of our doctors to get your card today!

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CBD and Weight Loss: Conclusio

Can CBD oil help with weight loss? Although the anecdotal evidence, studies, and signs all point in a positive direction and do support the part CBD plays in weight loss, further research and experiments are needed to solidify the claims and make them foolproof.

We would recommend to not completely rely on CBD to lose the extra fat and keep the consumption to a healthy amount but use it more as a supplement to help round out your lifestyle. 

Stay safe!

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Author: J.P. Carrol