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Medical Marijuana For Seizures

Medical Marijuana For Seizures

Approximately 1.2% of the US population have been diagnosed with epilepsy (seizure disorder). A lot of treatments are available, but not all of them work, and living with the condition can be challenging. It is useful to know about different aids and reliefs, so today we will summarize the question: is medical marijuana good for seizures?
Medical Marijuana For Seizures

What Are Seizures

To properly understand if medical marijuana is good for seizures, we must first define what seizures actually are. 

During a seizure, electrical activity between brain cells causes a disruption in muscle movements for a short period of time. This includes uncontrollable jerking or twitching motions.

What Is Epilepsy

The brain disorder epilepsy, also referred to as seizure disorder, is an incurable medical condition. Epilepsy diagnosis is determined by how many seizures you have experienced. Once you have had at least two seizures you are essentially eligible for a proper diagnosis. Experts have divided epilepsy into four main groups:
  • Generalized epilepsy: In this type of epilepsy, seizures are triggered on both sides of the brain
  • Focal epilepsy: Epilepsy of this type occurs in a specific area of the brain. These are sometimes referred to as “partial seizures”.
  • Generalized and focal epilepsy: When the patient has the potential to have both depending on the instance.
  • Unknown if generalized or focal epilepsy: Sometimes medical professionals are certain a patient has epilepsy although they can’t yet decipher what kind of epilepsy it is. This is often the case when a patient is alone when seizures occurred therefore nobody was able to observe them.

Is Medical Marijuana Good For Seizures

Debated among many scientists and healthcare professionals we will dive into the question: can medical marijuana be used for seizures?

The US Food and Drug Administration approved the use of a plant-based cannabidiol oil (CBD) called Epidiolex to treat seizures. There are some people who have found relief by using this drug, but it may not be effective for everyone and side effects may include liver problems and suicidal thoughts which are obviously serious issues.

According to a December 2014 report from American Epilepsy Association one-third of nearly 60 children and adolescents receiving cannabis extracts, seizures were reduced by more than 50%. Meanwhile, half of the adolescents in the study experienced more seizures.

Depending on the particular person, or strain of medical marijuana, it may help with seizures or make them worse. Medical marijuana isn’t the best option for seizure control until it is proven effective in large clinical trials. 

It is important to keep in mind that while there is anecdotal and scientific evidence that recommends cannabis might help control seizures depending on the person, there is no universal agreement among doctors.

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How To Get Medical Marijuana For Seizures

It is necessary to consult with your doctor on whether medical marijuana is right for treating your seizure condition. If you and your doctor decide medical marijuana aligns well with your situation you will be prescribed medical marijuana. On our website you may book an appointment with our medical professionals.

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