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How to Distinguish Good Weed from Bad Weed?

How To Distinguish Between Good And Bad Weed

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Even long-time users of marijuana may struggle to identify top-notch marijuana flower. The main characteristics that distinguish good weed from bad weed are appearance, aroma, feel, flower structure, as well as seed and stem count. The purpose of this article is to describe each characteristic and provide knowledge on how to tell the difference between good and bad weed.

Good and bad weed differences

How To Tell if you have Good or Bad Weed?

Appearance: The flower of high-quality marijuana provides visual clues to help you in establishing whether it is truly exceptional quality, and identifying good and bad weed differences.

Although all good marijuana should have a pleasing visual appearance, a top-shelf strain can exhibit an excellent display of colors. Ranging from neon to forest green, with blue and purple expressions, all while orange stigmatic hairs grace the flower with a fiery presence. 

Another strong indicator of “top of the line” marijuana is the trichome quantity. Good weed flower produces most smells, flavors, and effects through their tiny trichomes, which are glistening crystals that protrude from the surface of the flower. It is easier to determine if marijuana has a notable potency when the marijuana is shinier, signifying the plentiful trichomes. Make use of a magnifying glass to observe trichomes in greater detail.

How to distinguish good marijuana from bad marijuana

Aroma: Marijuana that is grown, dried, and cured properly has a distinctive smell of musk. When learning how to distinguish bad weed from good, you should look for fresh marijuana flower with a strong and sharp musky aroma. The presence of this characteristic indicates the marijuana flower has a high terpene content. In lower-quality marijuana, the aroma is often very subtle or even nonexistent, even worse, the aroma may resemble something else entirely. 

Feel: Ideally, excellent marijuana flowers should be soft, sticky, and spongy when pressure is applied. Good marijuana should be broken apart with ease, without being so dry it crumbles amongst your fingers with minimal effort. Additionally, marijuana flower too wet or soft has a higher probability of harboring mold or mildew.

Flower Structure: Ultimately, Sativa dominant marijuana strains generally appear to look airy and fluffy, whereas Indica dominant marijuana strains are typically compact and dense. Very hard and stiff marijuana flowers can suggest plant growth regulators were used, which might result in an unappealing taste. Marijuana flowers that are tremendously fluffy could imply the plant was not grown under adequate lighting, prohibiting the marijuana from reaching its full potential.

Seed and Stem Count: As a general principle, the ideal matter you receive in a weed transaction is strictly marijuana flower. Seeds and stems severely lack in THC content (the compound responsible for psychoactive effects) and can be prominent in the weight of your product. If you see the marijuana before you purchase it, it’s best to avoid seeds and stems.

Conclusions on the differences between good vs. bad weeds

Hopefully, after reading this, you now understand how to tell the difference between good and bad weed. If you are considering using medical marijuana for any reason, it is always best to talk to a doctor first.

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