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Cannabis Journal: Why Your Cannabis Journal is a Great Resource

Cannabis Journal: Why Your Cannabis Journal is a Great Resource

A cannabis journal is a handy tool that you can use for various purposes, including keeping track of the behavior of different strains, determining when the best time is to plant your seeds, or simply writing how various strains taste and feel.

This article will explain the purpose and function of a cannabis journal. Plus, it will explore the information to record in your journal while growing cannabis for the most accurate and informative harvest.

what to record in a cannabis grow journal

What Is Cannabis Journalling?

Cannabis journaling can range from keeping track of a certain strain or even a single plant’s specific behaviors to keeping track of your general thoughts while under the influence of one or more strains.

Cannabis journals serve two purposes for cultivators in general. The first step is to keep track of how the plant is progressing. A cannabis calendar is the second function of a cannabis journal. You can track when plants need to be fertilized and watered with this. Plus, this journal will help you know if things are progressing as expected.

Lights are important to consider when learning how to grow medical marijuana.

What Information To Journal While Growing Cannabis

If you are looking for what to record in a cannabis grow journal, it may help to know that for many cannabis growers, an essential function of a cannabis journal is to keep track of their growth.

You can get pretty good at taking care of your plants if you keep a close eye on them over time. A cannabis journal often includes sections for each aspect of the growing process, including the following:

Nutrients and Watering

Keep track of when you add nutrients, which ones you add, and how much of each you add. With this information and careful observation of your plant’s growth, yield, and quality, you can learn how different nutrient blends affect your plant. Also, if you find a strain you like, you will discover tricks to cultivate it so you can get the most out of each harvest. Similarly, paying attention to how watering affects the plants will prove useful. Some strains may prefer slightly damp conditions, while others thrive when it is occasionally dry. Thus, it is good to keep a cannabis grow journal to discover what your plants need.


Some people think that the cannabis lighting industry is as simple as it appears. However, it is actually a precise science that combines multiple factors including:
  • Plant genetics
  • The type of facility you use 
  • Daily light integral
  • Veg time

Temperature and Humidity

Observing how your plants react to changes in their surroundings can allow you to provide the best possible environment for them to grow in.

There is value in learning about the conditions in which they appear most robust, or even the humidity level at which they developed a fungal infection at the same time.


When you keep a Cannabis journal, you create a great, communal record of your growing process. You can use this journal to learn better ways to grow cannabis, such as the best time to cure and how to harvest specific strands.  

Aside from the in-depth information on the link between strains and their benefits and flavor characteristics, Holistic cannabis users, in particular, benefit from sharing life-changing findings regarding the effects of various strains of cannabis with one another.

When put together, this integrated knowledge can lead to better innovation and a broader understanding of the Cannabis plant.

More Information

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