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Medical Marijuana and Tension Headaches: The Viability of MMJ for Tension Headaches

Medical Marijuana and Tension Headaches: The Viability of MMJ for Headaches

There are numerous kinds of headaches. They might range from little aches after a challenging day to debilitating chronic illnesses. Tension headaches are frequently brought on by stress and tension in a person’s daily life. Could medical marijuana for tension headaches be a possible treatment?

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Headaches And Marijuana

The condition complicates and adds stress to people’s lives, even though tension headache patients can typically continue their routine tasks without difficulty. However, patients suffering chronic tension headaches frequently depend on headache medications, and attempts to self-wean can result in much worse rebound headaches.

In this regard, medical marijuana is a viable solution for many headaches, as it relieves stress and tension in several individuals. Patients with persistent tension headaches find relief from their worst symptoms by utilizing medical marijuana.

How Medical Weed Help With Headaches?

A network of cannabinoid receptors reside in the brain and throughout the rest of the body. These are small protein loops that influence how you perceive pain.

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring chemicals found in marijuana. These cannabinoids enter your body and begin searching for such receptors. They alter the functioning of the receptors, which may result in a reduction in the intensity of the pain signals.   

While some people who use medical marijuana say it makes them feel more anxious, many find it significantly lessens their anxiety and stress. The key to determining whether cannabis enhances or decreases anxiety and tension appears to be a person’s unique body chemistry.

Because of this, medical marijuana may effectively complement other treatments and lifestyle changes targeted at avoiding or treating tension headaches.

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Using CBD for Headaches

It is uncertain what pathology or what causes tension headaches. However, other research indicates that inflammation in the head, neck and facial muscles may influence or even be the root cause of tension headaches. 

Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the main medical marijuana constituents, has been shown in numerous clinical investigations to have anti-inflammatory characteristics. CBD has proven to reduce anxiety in patients, which may reduce stress or tension in those suffering from tension headaches. 

Moreover, recent clinical research has revealed that marijuana, when used for medical purposes, affects a chemical in the brain known as anandamide. When the THC in marijuana interacts with anandamide, a calming and relaxing effect is produced that spreads throughout the entire body in a manner that is comparable to the way that traditional anti-anxiety or anti-depression treatments function.

Notably, in contrast to a large number of the prescription drugs that are currently available for the treatment of tension headaches, medical marijuana does not raise serotonin levels.

Conclusions on medical marijuana and headaches

The use of medical weed for headaches has gotten met with favorable findings.

You may be eligible for medical marijuana treatments if you suffer from chronic and severe pain as a result of your tension headaches. Many states throughout the US have legalized medical marijuana for chronic pain.

To get started, schedule an appointment with a medical marijuana physician. They will be able to evaluate your situation and see if you are eligible. In most states, you can enroll in a medical cannabis program after receiving a prescription from your doctor.

Ultimately, what matters is that you seek guidance from your doctor first to avoid situations that may bring you more headaches. 

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