Shatter Vs Wax: What's The Difference?

Cannabis concentrates are the best option if you choose potency over terpenes.

As a result, the question “What is shatter vs. wax?” has been increasingly common in recent years. Today we will explain the differences between cannabis concentrates and shed light on the debate concerning shatter vs. wax.

what is shatter vs wax

What Is Shatter?

Shatter is one of the simpler to identify concentrates perched on a dispensary shelf due to its appearance. The concentrate is usually this dazzling golden-to-amber tint that is either fully translucent or very nearly so, and it looks a lot like hard candy. Shatter is one of the most potent concentrates you can discover because it has a high THC level, up to 80% or more.

Is Shatter Bad For You?

Depending on the potency, one serving of shatter contains the same amount of THC and other cannabinoids as up to ten therapeutic cannabis inhalations. The danger is that performing shatter instantly hits your brain with a powerful high.

People who smoke or “dab” shatter may be particularly at risk from it. Although marijuana overdoses are uncommon, undesirable side effects like hysteria, delusions, anxiety, and hallucinations can happen.

Moreover, when shatter is purchased illegally, it often originates from improvised manufacturing facilities where you might not have made it properly.

What is Wax?

Wax is also easy to distinguish among cannabis concentrates, but a few others resemble it.

The majority of the time, wax has a light amber or brown color, resembling almond or peanut butter. As the name suggests, the consistency is waxy, although it resembles solid coconut oil more than peanut butter and is less creamy. Wax has a THC oil level of up to 80%, which is similarly strong to shatter.

Is Marijuana Wax Bad For You?

Because of its extremely concentrated nature, which can often be three times as potent as dried marijuana leaves, it can cause major difficulties for smokers who might not be aware of how potent it is. As overdoses can occur, the likelihood of various unfavorable side effects also shoots up.

Differences Between Shatter vs. Wax

Appearance: Wax extract is opaque and ranges in hue from beige to brown. Shatter, however, has a golden tint and is transparent or translucent.

Aroma: Wax has a stronger aroma and gets favored by smokers due to less filtration throughout the manufacturing process. It also has a higher concentration of terpenes. Shatter has less scent because it has gotten filtered thoroughly.

Concentration: The trichome density in wax is higher. Because of the filtration process, shatter has fewer trichomes than other forms of cannabis.

Process: Wax gets produced at lower temperatures with less filtering. Shatter gets created at high temperatures, and filtration is essential.

Texture: Shatter has a brittle, glass-like texture. On the other hand, wax seems flaky, is soft, and has a buttery texture.

Conclusion about shatter and wax

In the end, shatter and wax are two cannabis concentrates that are highly comparable. Although there are a few distinct differences between them, it is well worth your time to become familiar with both options for a high-THC experience. 

If you are considering using shatter, wax, or anything containing THC, it’s best to speak with a doctor first.