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How to Renew Medical Marijuana Card in New York?

how to renew medical marijuana card ny

MMJ Card Renewal: A Comprehensive Guide to Renewing Your Medical Marijuana Card in New York

It has been a year since you got or renewed your medical marijuana card. Now, you begin to wonder how to renew your medical marijuana card in NY.

Getting your medical cannabis card renewed can be more difficult than it needs to be. Whether the renewal procedure takes a few days or several months, there are a variety of issues that could arise.

This article should guide you to avoid some of the most frequent pitfalls and help you understand how to renew medical marijuana card NY. 

how to renew medical marijuana card ny

Doctor Appointment Requirements: Online or in Person?

After a year has passed since it was first issued, your card needs to get renewed. However, you may apply for it if you still have 30 days before its expiration.

Now, you might ask yourself: “What is required for me to get a medical marijuanas card renewal in New York?

Here is your answer:

  • Those with qualifying conditions can book telemedicine consultations. If you are renewing where you first received your card, you will need another consultation.
  • You must provide relevant documentation even if you are visiting the same doctor. You will need a government-issued photo ID and medical records to qualify. If your health has changed, tell the doctor. Mention any new or discontinued drugs.
  • The approval should follow the consultation. Then file the state papers. You can quickly pick up the steps to finishing the process. You can complete most of the process online to renew from the comfort of your home
medical marijuanas card renewal in New York

State Applications: Online or in Person?

You may wonder if online medical marijuana card renewal in New York is possible. The answer is yes, and signing up online is advised.

The quickest way to register and buy medical cannabis products is to enter your NYS DMV ID number from your driver’s license, learner’s permit, or non-driver’s ID in the DMV ID form during registration. Fret not, as you can still register using the patient registration procedures below if you do not have an NYS DMV ID.

New patients must register for certification by creating an account on the website.

If you are not a new patient, compare your certification numbers. If they are the same, you need not re-register. This result means your registration remains until your new certification expiration date. Thus, you can keep using your registry ID.

how much to renew my medical marijuana card in New York

Cost Of Renewal

Now, you ask yourself another important question: How much to renew my medical marijuana card in New York?

The state has permanently waived the application fee for a medicinal cannabis card. Before 2020, it was $50 annually. Following state approval, the patient will receive a temporary registration card while the state makes their medical cannabis state card and mails it to them.

How Do I Receive My Card?

After receiving your cannabis recommendation, you can apply for your NY medical marijuana card online through the New York Department of Health. It will arrive within a week when you can begin purchasing medical marijuana from New York dispensaries.


You can legally purchase, possess, use, and produce cannabis if you have a medical marijuana card. Most states, including New York, require you to apply for MMJ card renewal yearly. Ultimately, access to state-licensed dispensaries gets prohibited without a valid card.

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