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Renewing Your Medical Marijuana Card In Colorado

Renewing Your Medical Marijuana Card in Colorado

Medical marijuana card renewal is necessary to guarantee patient security and proper product usage. Notably, one must undergo an annual renewal to keep a medical marijuana card in Colorado.

If you are wondering how to renew a medical marijuana card in Colorado, patients can apply for renewal within thirty days of the card’s expiration date. Patients must undergo a medical evaluation to restore the card, much like when applying for a new card.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of answering the question on how to renew your Colorado medical marijuana card.

medical marijuanas card renewal in Colorado

Doctor Appointment Requirements: Online or in Person?

Keep in mind: that medical certifications are only valid for a year. When nearing your card’s expiration, a provider certification will be written by your healthcare provider for you and submitted online. You must complete the remaining portions of your application within six months of the date you obtained your provider certification.

In case you are asking how to renew your Colorado medical marijuana card, here is your answer:

  • A health care provider certification.
  • Request that your medical professional verifies the accuracy of all the information on your certification.
  • Send a new provider certification with each application.

For minor patients:

  • Minors must see two doctors and provide two certifications.
  • Suppose the minor patient has a disabling medical condition, such as PTSD or Autism Spectrum Disorders, and the recommending physician is not the patient’s primary care physician. In that case, the healthcare professional should evaluate the records of a diagnosing physician or qualified mental health provider.
  • First-time candidates in this age bracket must receive certifications from two medical practices.

Applicants who are homebound do not need providers from various practices. If you belong to this group and are applying, make sure that both of your providers input their certificates into the Medical Marijuana Registry system.

If you ask, “can I get a medical marijuana card renewal online in Colorado?” the short answer is yes. Patients have options for medical marijuana card renewal online, but only after they have seen a doctor in person first.

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State Applications: Online or in Person?

Colorado’s new medical marijuana card renewal online procedure reduces wait times and paperwork.

However, those without internet access can still submit paper applications. Paper applications take 6-8 weeks to obtain a response, and all registry communication must be by mail. This system guarantees the uniform processing of paper applications.

How Much to Renew My Medical Marijuana Card in Colorado?

Now, you may wonder how much to renew my medical marijuana card in Colorado.

The processing fee for applications is $29.50. It’s nonrefundable and required each time you apply. The price pays for Registry maintenance and customer and technical support.

How Do I Receive My Card?

In Colorado, you download your card on your phone to show to a dispensary. If you would like, you can choose to print this out. As established, your certificate is good for one year.

medical marijuanas card renewal online


For the millions of patients who now have a medical card, the benefits of medical marijuana prove it’s a potent treatment. 

In the end, it is in patients’ best interests to start the renewal procedure well before the expiration date of their present cards. Beginning the process before your current card expires is beneficial since it takes time to set up an appointment with your medical marijuana doctor, acquire doctor approval, submit the renewal application, and get the application accepted. If you are considering using medical marijuana, it is always best to speak with a doctor first.

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