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All You Need To Know: Does CBD Balance Hormones?

Author: J.P. Carrol

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All You Need To Know: Does CBD Balance Hormones?

A hormonal imbalance happens when the body’s hormones are not functioning at the levels that are considered normal for those hormones. Because of this, even a relatively minor imbalance can result in unintended and unforeseen consequences. The indications of a hormone imbalance might differ depending on which glands and hormones get disrupted.

Nearly all women will, at some point in their lives, have encountered signs of hormonal imbalance, like mood swings, difficulty sleeping, skin issues, and irregular periods. Despite this, most people have a very limited understanding of the endocrine system. 

Because an imbalance in hormones can lead to major health problems, it is important to understand the treatments available for these conditions. But what about alternative treatment? Does CBD oil help with hormone balance?

Does CBD Balance Hormones?

The answer to “does CBD Balance Hormones?” isn’t absolute, but there is some evidence that cannabidiol, or CBD, has the potential to alleviate the symptoms of hormonal imbalances that women experience.

According to a recent study, cannabidiol, or CBD, may assist in regulating the release of cortisol, one of the hormones in the human body responsible for the stress response. A high amount of cortisol can affect other hormones, including those stimulating the thyroid and sex hormones. 

Because of this, any activity that lowers cortisol can contribute to the maintenance of overall hormone balance. When buying CBD products derived from hemp, you not only get the benefits of CBD but will also get an elevated amount of omega fatty acids and gamma-linolenic acid, all of which can contribute to the overall health of your hormones. 

does cbd oil help with hormone balance

Does CBD oil help with hormone balance?

Insulin is an extremely important hormone, and the pancreas is the organ that generates it. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity are conditions brought on by an imbalance. 

So, does CBD oil help with hormone balance? Consumption of CBD oil has gotten linked to lower blood glucose levels, which has been common knowledge for quite some time. People must be aware of how CBD oil influences blood sugar or insulin. Thus, additional research is required to understand how CBD oil impacts them completely. 

The stress reaction can be managed, in part, by cortisol, which works in conjunction with adrenaline. One study found that CBD oil can bring cortisol levels down.

The pineal gland’s production of the hormone melatonin controls the circadian rhythm. According to the findings of a study, the endocannabinoid system activates the sleep-regulating CB1 receptors.

Research has shown that CBD oil could alleviate the symptoms of regular hormone changes that occur throughout puberty and menopause.

does cbd raise estrogen levels

Does CBD raise estrogen levels?

More research is necessary in this area to determine: does CBD raise Estrogen levels. According to certain studies, CBD functions as an aromatase inhibitor, which suggests that CBD and estrogen may be connected. Inhibiting aromatase, which produces estrogen, would result in a decrease rather than an increase in the hormone’s level. It might therefore appear that CBD oil indirectly affects estrogen.


Before taking CBD for hormone imbalances or disorders, conduct your research and consult your physician. You never want to take anything that your doctor has not approved.

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