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Medical Marijuana for Restless Leg Syndrome

Medical Marijuana For Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome gets distinguished by an overwhelming urge to move the legs. The symptoms of restless leg syndrome typically get more severe with age and frequently make it difficult to fall or stay asleep. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for the condition, and the symptoms might persist for the rest of a person’s life. Standing up and walking around can help relieve the discomfort for a short period. RLS strikes a far higher percentage of females than males. However, anyone is susceptible to developing the condition at any time.

Individuals diagnosed with RLS have numerous reasons why they cannot sleep. This sleeplessness can lead to various other issues, such as a decline in attention span, concentration, and performance at school or work. Recent research discovered that restless leg syndrome could lead to an average decline in productivity of twenty percent solely due to sleep disruptions.

Fortunately, medical marijuana for restless leg syndrome is actively becoming a viable treatment option.

medical marijuana for restless leg syndrome

How can medical marijuana help with restless leg syndrome?

Medical marijuana and restless leg syndrome can now be discussed side by side due to recent medical developments and the legalization of marijuana in several jurisdictions.

Dopamine Levels and Production

Patients who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome may have brains that are in a condition known as a hyper-dopaminergic state, in which an abnormally high amount of dopamine gets produced from within the basal ganglia.

The consumption of medical marijuana lowers the body’s ability to produce dopamine, which is helpful for people who suffer from restless leg syndrome since it helps avoid the overwhelming release of dopamine and returns the function in the basal ganglia to normal levels. Therefore, the effectiveness of medical marijuana in treating individuals with restless leg syndrome may be attributable to the plant’s capacity to inhibit the overproduction of dopamine and to normalize the neuronal function in the basal ganglia.

medical marijuana for restless leg syndrome

Benefits of medical marijuana to RLS patients

Patients suffering from restless legs syndrome, or RLS, have shown that they benefit from medical marijuana, which provides them some relief and alleviation. Although there has been relatively little scientific research on the efficacy of cannabis as a treatment for RLS, anecdotal evidence suggests that patients who take medical marijuana see a considerable improvement in their symptoms.

A study in 2017 included six people suffering from severe RLS, who claimed conventional drugs and treatments provided them no relief. These patients then tried medical marijuana, claiming that their RLS symptoms had completely vanished after using it.

Recent research performed at the Clinical Neurosciences Centre discovered that RLS patients who used medical marijuana regarded it as the most beneficial medication, as it allowed them to sleep much better and consequently enhanced their general quality of life.

Patients suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome may find relief from their symptoms through the following cannabis-derived medications, which have proven effective.

  • Nabiximols
  • Dronabinol
  • THC: CBD extracts
  • CBD extracts
  • Cannabis Sativa
  • Cannabis Indica

Does restless leg syndrome qualify for medical marijuana? Conclusion

Restless leg syndrome will always be bothersome to the ones who have it. Though the use of medical marijuana in treating RLS is still in question, many patients diagnosed with the syndrome affirm its efficacy. So, the answer to the question does restless leg syndrome qualify for medical marijuana is yes. However, it is still important to seek professional advice.

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