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Medical Marijuana for Urinary Incontinence

Medical Marijuana For Urinary Incontinence

As a result of its legalization in some jurisdictions, the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes has grown massively over the last several years.

An overactive bladder problem is a chronic condition that can present itself with or without incontinence and manifests as anxiety, nocturia, and frequent urination. This ailment may severely decrease a patient’s quality of life.

Recent research has centered on the question of whether or not the use of medical marijuana to treat symptoms of urinary incontinence would be useful. A few randomized controlled trials have shown that extracts of marijuana can alleviate neurogenic and refractory disorders.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is the technical term for CBD. It is one of the several compounds discovered in cannabis Sativa plants, which are the same species as hemp and marijuana. Since CBD was made lawful at the state level and is currently allowed in most states, there has been an explosion in both the availability of CBD and expenditures of CBD products across the United States.

Regarding consumption, CBD is available in various products and forms, including the following:

  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Capsules
  • Drops
  • Tears
  • Candies
  • Vapor
medical marijuana for neurosis

Does CBD really work for anxiety?

Anxiety is a common occurrence that a growing number of people have experienced over the past several years. One of the primary beneficial proponents of CBD is the compound’s alleged capacity to alleviate that state. Now is the best time to know, does cbd really work for anxiety?

Currently, it is unclear how CBD can cure anxiety in a patient. The amounts of the neurotransmitter serotonin could be altered, according to the findings of some studies, which would explain how it would function. According to the results of recent studies, elevating a person’s serotonin levels can be an effective treatment for anxiety. Some drugs, including antidepressants, work by modulating serotonin levels, and some research indicates that CBD may function similarly to antidepressant and anti-anxiety medicines.

Thus, patients who suffer from other types of anxiety could also benefit from CBD. Additionally, it has the potential to assist cure sleeplessness that gets brought on by anxiety.

A study was conducted in 2011 to investigate the effects of CBD on individuals suffering from Social Anxiety Disorders (SAD). Anxiety levels were significantly lower across the board for those who received CBD.

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CBD oil for anxiety

With the variety of CBD forms, one question may come to mind. Does CBD oil really work for anxiety?

Typically, U.S. businesses market full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oil.

  • Broad-spectrum denotes the presence of cannabidiol and other naturally occurring cannabis plant substances but the absence of THC.
  • Full-spectrum denotes the presence of traces of THC as well as cannabidiol and other naturally occurring cannabis chemicals.

Experts believe that full-spectrum CBD oil could be the greatest product category for treating anxiety disorders and other diseases due to the entourage effect, which maximizes the effects of cannabidiol by working in concert with other compounds.

So, how long does CBD oil take to work for anxiety? CBD oils, edibles, and pills start acting between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Smoking CBD oil or cannabis buds have instant effects. Consult a doctor if you want to try CBD oil for anxiety. 


CBD comes with many benefits. Before using it, it is important to consult a doctor first.

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