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5 Surprising Ways Your Marijuana Use Might be Helping Your Relationships

Author: J.P. Carrol

J.P. is an accomplished writer with a lifelong passion for a range of subjects, including medical marijuana. As lead copywriter at, he writes daily for an audience of 100k+ and is deeply committed to helping businesses achieve their full potential with his guidance and expertise.

Most people in relationships want to make the best of their time with their partner. After all, being in a relationship is a choice that most make to enhance their life.

There are plenty of different experiences you and your significant other can share. Yet, sometimes, keeping the romance and excitement alive can be difficult. This occurrence is common and often does not result from either partner’s lack of trying.

You may love your partner deeply, but life can get in the way of your intimacy, causing you both to fall into a monotonous routine; and monotony is a slow and painful killer for relationships.

Fortunately, if you and your partner decide to go green by trying marijuana, you can open yourselves up to a whole new world of experiences.

Here are five surprising ways your marijuana use might be helping your relationships:


1. Find Fun In The Mundane

If you’ve been dating for a while or if you’ve been with your significant other for a long time, the monotony of life and finances can easily take a toll on the fun you share.

After all, how many un-influenced “Netflix and Chill” nights can you take before you run out of interesting content?

If you and your partner use marijuana, you will experience everything from taking a walk to watching your favorite tv shows in a whole new light.

Watching a show, traveling the same old trail, or listening to the same music you’ve heard for years while high is often a completely new experience.

Moreover, that experience often changes each time you do it.

So, when you experience this with your partner, the person you choose to spend your life with, it can be an even more thrilling and connective experience.

2. Increased Intimacy

A 2019 study found that couples were more prone to have an intimate experience if they consumed marijuana.

Of course, this makes sense, as marijuana is a vasodilator that dilates blood vessels. When this happens, the sensitive areas of your body become even more acute.

Thus, you and your partner can feel the intimacy deeply, thanks to heightened levels of emotional and physical sensitivity.

can cannabis reignite your relationship

3. Opens the doors for deep conversation

You tend to get into deep, sometimes heavy conversations when you are high. If you and your partner have trouble expressing yourselves deeply, using marijuana can help you bridge that emotional gap.

Now, you shouldn’t make any major decisions while under the influence of marijuana. Yet, if you and your partner are enjoying cannabis together, it could lead to some interesting conversations you would have never thought of if you were sober.

4. Cannabis Can De-Esclate Conflict

A 2014 study conducted by the University at Buffalo found that couples who used marijuana were less likely to engage in acts of domestic violence.

Whether you partake in cannabis or not, no one should endure domestic violence. Yet, this study indicates that cannabis can help couples de-escalate their conflicts, which leads to less arguing and less resentment.

Thus, this finding could lead to a better overall relationship.

5. Gives You Something to Do Together

There is a camaraderie within partaking in cannabis together. 

There are so many different ways you and your partner can connect socially, emotionally, and intimately that, if done correctly, shared cannabis use can offer a mutual experience that can enhance your relationship on multiple levels.


In summation, these five surprising ways your marijuana use might be helping your relationships makes partaking worth looking into, especially if you feel like your relationship has gotten stuck in a rut.

However, being open and honest with your partner is always important. Good communication and being truthful are the cornerstones of a good relationship, whether high or completely sober. 

So, discuss your marijuana use with your partner to ensure they are comfortable with this decision, as it will reflect directly on your relationship.

If you’re consider medical marijuana for any reason, it never hurts to speak with a doctor first.