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Medical Marijuana and Healing from Heartbreak: Can Cannabis Help Mend a Broken Heart?

Author: J.P. Carrol

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Many individuals have an impulse to minimize the pain of heartbreak, whether it be from relationship breakups or any other relationships, and regulate the way they feel in an effort to influence the emotional healing process, but this may hinder it from happening. Recognizing, permitting, embracing, bringing together, and processing difficult life experiences and powerful emotions is the foundation of emotional healing.
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The Science Behind Medical Marijuana's Potential for Emotional Healing

The end of a relationship is typically a difficult transition for most people. There are constructive and destructive ways to handle a breakup, just like any other challenging life transition. Medical marijuana offers a more organic means of getting over a breakup. In the days and weeks following a breakup, cannabis can improve a person’s emotional and physical health.

How can medical marijuana potentially aid in emotional healing after heartbreak?

Cannabis can assist in balancing emotions following a breakup by affecting these two things:
Brain Receptors

Cannabis may also help to substitute pleasure impulses typically obtained through intimate physical contact. 

Researchers recently studied the role of oxytocin, who found that its release results in the production of the chemical anandamide. 

They are equating this chemical with the typical effects of marijuana consumption. Receptors in the brain that react to exogenous cannabinoids and metabolize oxytocin and anandamide are the same.

Serotonin Levels

Cannabis can assist you in having fun and divert focus from any leftover melancholy you may be feeling since it causes your brain to receive a natural serotonin injection. Cannabis allows you to live every moment to the fullest, ensuring you can utilize it to brighten the days following your split.

depression is a type of neurosis than can be managed with medical marijuana

The Best Cannabis Strains and Consumption Methods for Healing After a Breakup

So, what are some recommended cannabis strains or consumption methods for emotional healing with medical marijuana?

Generally, THC-dominant strains are the most effective mood elevators. Additionally, THC-dominant strains typically aid in the battle against depressive states and increase drive and a feeling of participation among users.

THC-dominant strains typically promote creativity, interpersonal relationships, and appetite. The typical high from these strains is uplifting. Grandaddy Purple is a good illustration of a THC-dominant strain. The strain Cannatonic is excellent for trying to improve mood.

Equal THC and CBD
It typically gets advised to try cannabis strains with an equal amount of THC and CBD to relieve pain after breakup. Cannabis has been used successfully by users to treat physical pain and alleviate emotional and mental imbalances that lead to physical suffering. The strains ACDC, Blueberry Headband, and Master Kush are excellent for this.

Cannabis strains that are known to promote calmness and relaxation are frequently Indica-dominant and have a healthy ratio of THC to CBD. You can unwind and find serenity by using strains with a higher concentration of CBD than THC. For this kind of cannabis, well-known strains include Critical, Purple Widow, Gorilla Grips, and Gupta Kush.

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If you give your emotions the space they need to be completely acknowledged, experienced, worked through, and processed, they will heal when needed. Even though you will still experience heartbreak, allowing yourself to feel these emotions will help you move past this period in your life. However, if you need extra help, different cannabis strains could help alleviate the pain after heartbreak. Before you know it, you will be out and about again soon. If you’re considering using marijuana, for any reason, it’s always best to speak with a doctor first.