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Does Marijuana Make You Less Attractive? What Women and Men Think

Public health campaigns have made it abundantly evident that using tobacco products is unhealthy and harmful to the health of your skin. But does the same go for marijuana? Although it is a straightforward inquiry, cannabis is a complex plant. 

Here is the lowdown on marijuana use and marijuana and attractiveness: what you need to know.

Does smoking marijuana affect your chances of finding a romantic partner?

does marijuana affect appearance?

Can smoking marijuana make you less attractive? The marijuana plant’s components are distinct from those of the tobacco plant. However, when smoked, each releases thousands of molecules that are comparable. 

Effects of Smoking Marijuana on the Skin

Thirty-three cancer-causing compounds are present in marijuana smoking. The lungs receive four times as much tar from a tobacco cigarette. The production of free radicals from heated leaves causes DNA damage to the skin. Blood vessel expansion and blood flow may result from marijuana use. However, it restricts them initially, limiting the skin of oxygen, much like smoking cigarettes does. Hence, the skin ages more quickly due to the harmful impacts. 

Skin Aging

Hydrocarbon content is also prevalent in marijuana smoke. This content harms the creation of collagen when it comes into contact with the skin’s surface. Collagen offers structural resistance to irritation and contaminants in the air. The skin may age prematurely by developing wrinkles and losing its elasticity if its collagen is damaged.

The Relationship between Marijuana Use and Self-perceived Attractiveness

In a study, participants’ low opinions regarding their societal acceptance, romantic attraction, and self-worth indicated higher substance use issues at age 27. After considering possible confounding factors, including gender, wealth, and starting substance use issues at age 19, predictions were still accurate. 

It is possible to link poor self-image to social withdrawal and emotional distress in unfamiliar environments to explain a rise in problems with substance use from age 19 to 27.

Does marijuana affect attractiveness? Marijuana Use among Women and Men

Does smoking marijuana affect your chances of finding a romantic partner? One study examined the connection between adolescent marijuana use frequency and their perceived physical attractiveness. 

Here is what they concluded on the impact of marijuana on attractiveness according to women/men.


Female adolescents who thought they looked unattractive were over four times as likely to take illegal drugs as those who thought they were average or attractive. Additionally, women who considered themselves unappealing and underweight were between six and ten times more inclined to use psychoactive substances than any other adolescent female group.


Except for smokeless tobacco, perceptions of beauty did not influence the marijuana use patterns of adolescent boys. Smokeless tobacco usage was substantially higher among males who thought they were less physically appealing than smokers who thought they were more attractive.
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Does Marijuana Use Affect How Attractive you are to the Opposite Sex?

Yes, marijuana use affects other people’s opinions of your attractiveness. But it depends on the person looking at you. 

Since marijuana is still among the topics that frequently do not get discussed, some people may find you less attractive when they find out you are a marijuana consumer. While this may happen because of the lack of discussion on the topic, it is nevertheless possible.

Some may find you less attractive because of the physical effects brought on by using marijuana, like smoking. But some may also find you attractive because of the other physical effects, like a laid-back attitude or simply a calm demeanor.

can cannabis reignite your relationship

Final Thoughts: marijuana and attractiveness

Whatever reason you are using Marijuana, ensure you are only doing it for yourself and using it safely. It’s always a good idea to speak with a doctor before trying marijuana.


How Does Marijuana Use Affect Physical Attractiveness?

Smoking marijuana releases thousands of molecules comparable to tobacco, including 33 cancer-causing compounds and four times more tar than tobacco. The production of free radicals from heated leaves causes DNA damage to the skin, leading to premature aging. While marijuana use may result in blood vessel expansion, it initially restricts them, limiting skin oxygenation and contributing to harmful effects on the skin.

How Does Marijuana Impact Skin Aging?

Marijuana smoke contains hydrocarbons that, when in contact with the skin, hinder collagen production. Collagen damage can lead to premature aging, the development of wrinkles, and the loss of skin elasticity.

Does Marijuana Use Affect How Attractive You Are To Others?

Yes, marijuana use can influence others' opinions of your attractiveness. Some may find you less attractive due to societal norms or physical effects, while others may be drawn to positive effects such as a laid-back demeanor.

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