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How to Celebrate 420 in Your State

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Celebrations of the beloved plant can be found worldwide on April 20th, with events ranging from festivals to online discussion boards. Here are some states hosting noteworthy 420-related events to help you figure out how to celebrate 420 in your state.
celebrating 420

What Are 420 Celebrations?

April 20th is known as the unofficial holiday for marijuana smokers, and
many enthusiasts take the opportunity to celebrate in various ways.

What is a 420 celebration? It is anything that you want to make it. Over fifty events across the county were planned for the week, allowing local businesses and groups to network in a lighthearted setting.

Cannifest Chicago (Chicago, IL)

Humboldt Green Week, an annual festival, inspired Cannifest. Green enterprises, green music, green gardening, green cannabis, and green lifestyles were all celebrated throughout the week.

Ultimately, the Humboldt Garden Expo (2012-2015) became Cannifest (2016), and the incubator became established as part of Green Week. Finally, there was a place for residents to openly and proudly display the wares for which their families and ancestors had been known. Many cannabis advocates and representatives from local businesses, community activist groups, public works, and other organizations would walk hand in hand to highlight their contributions to the community while displaying their genuine emotions through smiles, laughter, and even tears of joy.

Artists on tour from all over the world and reporters and photographers covering the event would want to be there to capture history in the making.

Buds-A-Palooza (Phoenix, AZ)

If you’re thinking about what to do on 420 in Arizona, Buds-A-Palooza will be a highlight in your schedule. This event features:

  • Musical performances,
  • Glassblowing demonstrations
  • Stand-up comics
  • Pop-up shop for sneakers
  • Classes for gardeners
  • Food and drink trucks

Lazy River Products 420 Celebration (Dracut, MA)

Food, music, vendors, puffing, painting, and a skating rink; what more do you need? If you go to Dracut, Massachusetts, during the ‘Stoner New Year,’ check out this lackadaisical event, and chill out with friends.

A 420 Tribute To Bob Marley (New York, NY)

If you’re in the Big Apple on 420, you can check out this legendary Bob Marley tribute show, where you can partake, relax, and enjoy while listening to the greatest hits from an all-star band.

Extrava’Ganjah (Boulder, CO)

The Colorado House of Rastafari puts on a party you’ll never forget with the Extrava’Ganjah. This event features food trucks, live reggae, and hip-hop.

4/20 Festival: Vendors, Puff, And Paint At The Roller Skate Rink (Oakland, CA)

This 420 Festival is a pop-up pot-friendly community get-together, complete with vendors, plenty of delicious food, and green festivities made better by the opportunity to enjoy it out in the open air.

So, if you’re looking for a more community-friendly idea to celebrate 420 in your state, check out this emerald gem of an event.

Or Celebrate At Home

But, don’t think you need to celebrate at an event. Here are a few chill suggestions on how to celebrate 420 by yourself in your own home.

  • Watch your favorite 420 movie
  • Settle in with your favorite 420 product
  • Go outside and stare at the stars while you partake
  • Stock up on your favorite snacks

It's Your Celebration

The level of complexity of your plans to celebrate 420 in your state is entirely up to you. Historically known as the “stoner new year,” 420 has evolved significantly. So, this year, whether you want an idea for how to celebrate 420 at home or with a crowd, make sure to enjoy it, if for nothing more than to celebrate how far and wide the movement has spread.

Whether you’re celebrating for the first time or you’re a 420 veteran, it never hurts to speak with a doc about marijuana use.


What is 420, and why is it associated with cannabis culture?

420 is a term that has become synonymous with cannabis culture and is often used as a code for the consumption of marijuana. The number 420 refers to cannabis-oriented celebrations that take place annually on April 20.

How can I celebrate 420 in my state?

Celebrating 420 can take various forms, depending on your preferences and the legal status of cannabis in your state. Some common ways include attending events, participating in community activities, or enjoying cannabis responsibly in private settings.

Can I legally consume cannabis on 420 in my state?

The legality of cannabis consumption varies by state. Some states have legalized both medicinal and recreational use, while others may still have restrictions. It's important to be aware of and abide by the laws in your state regarding cannabis use.

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