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Statistics of Marijuana Users in the United States

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Marijuana is any part of the Cannabis plant that has been dried and used for its psychoactive effects, including the leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds. The psychoactive molecule THC and related chemicals are present in the plant. Marijuana gets regarded as the most widely used illicit substance in the world. And now, the persistence of marijuana users in the United States seems to be gaining traction both on a scientific and legislative level. Although it remains against the law at the federal level, an increasing number of states have legalized marijuana use and possession for medical or recreational purposes in recent years. As the legal climate has shifted, so has public opinion, with most of the United States now favoring legalization.
what age group smokes the most marijuana

Statistics Of Marijuana Users In The United States

Here are some interesting statistics revolving around marijuana users in the United States:

Why Are More People Consuming Marijuana?

It is hard to say with certainty why marijuana, specifically, is rising so rapidly in popularity. After all, there have always been marijuana users and as legal and medical studies continue to favor its usage, it makes sense that the number of people partaking would grow with acceptance.

Thus, the cannabis market rises as a result of supply and demand.

Dependency On Marijuana

Marijuana is addictive, despite common assumptions. One study found that for every six persons who start using the substance before the age of 18, one will develop an addiction. Addiction occurs in about 1 in 10 adult users.

Rising THC Content

Marijuana’s THC content has been continuously increasing over the past few decades and is now three times more than it was 25 years ago. Higher THC content has more potent mental effects, which may help explain why more cases of marijuana-related hospitalizations have recently occurred. More THC presumably means higher rates of dependency and addiction, but there is currently no study on how potency affects the long-term hazards of marijuana usage.

Rise Of Marijuana Use

The use of marijuana is on the rise nowadays among people of all adult age categories, including pregnant women and both sexes. What age group smokes the most marijuana? The largest prevalence of usage is among individuals aged 18 to 25.

Even though marijuana and THC are still against the law at the federal level, numerous states have made it lawful for adults to possess and consume the drug. Marijuana is a rapidly expanding industry in areas where it is legal, with sales to those over the age of 21 taking place in retail stores, wineries, breweries, coffee shops, dispensaries, and even online, in addition to being cultivated at home.

Key Takeaway: It's On The Grow

While we aren’t sure of the reasons, we can definitely see the effects of the rapid increase in marijuana users in the United States. With no signs of slowing down, it will be interesting to see the next chapter unfold.

Are you considering becoming one of the statistical users of marijuana? If so, it’s always best to talk with a doctor first.


How many people in the United States use marijuana?

Surveys show that some 78 million Americans have admitted to using marijuana at least once in their lifetime.

What are the common reasons people use marijuana, according to the statistics?

The top three reasons people use marijuana are relaxation, stress relief and anxiety relief.

What age group has the highest prevalence of marijuana use?

The age group with the highest prevalence of marijuana use is individuals aged 18 to 25. Recent trends indicate an increase in marijuana use across various adult age categories, with a notable concentration in the 18 to 25 age range.

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