Doctors of Natural Medicine

Guarantee/reschedule/Cancellation Policy

We guarantee that you receive a MMJ card or offer you a 100% full refund of your money. You can reschedule your appointment to another date/time at any time at no cost up to one time (read more below). However, any cancellation is subject in incur a $30 cancellation fee to cover the doctor’s time.

Please understand that a Colorado MMJ card is only issued to CO residents. If you knowingly go through evaluation and then the state rejects your application due to the lack of having a CO ID then please understand that we cannot refund the money that has already been paid to the physician.

Once you are approved by the doctor you will receive a Provider Certification number which allows you to apply for your medical marijuana card with the state of CO. The state charges $26.33 to process your certification and you cannot get a medical marijuana card without it. We as a clinic cannot process this for you but will guide you on how to do this after you have been approved by the doctor. The cost of the evaluation at our clinic does not cover this cost.

Reschedules: You may reschedule up to one time. If you need to reschedule a rescheduled appointment, we will charge a 20$ rescheduling fee. If you cancel a rescheduled appointment, our cancellation policy will be in effect.

Wrong Appointment Type Scheduled: If you book the wrong appointment type, you agree to pay the difference and provide the necessary paperwork/information that the appointment type requires. If you decide to cancel your appointment due to booking the incorrect appointment type and/or not have the correct paperwork our cancellation policy will be in effect.