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Can You Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card Online in Florida?

How to Renew Florida Medical Marijuana Card?

Experts have demonstrated that medical marijuana provides a wide range of health advantages. Suppose you have recently received approval for medical marijuana treatment. In that case, it is critical to know that patients and caregivers must file a renewal application each year to keep their Florida medical marijuana ID cards active and valid inside Florida.

Notably, you can submit a renewal application 45 days before your ID card expires, and that date gets prominently displayed on the front of the card.

Now you may wonder: “How do I get medical marijuanas card renewal in Florida?” 

This article will discuss everything regarding Florida medical marijuanas card renewal. As you read on, expect that this article will discuss how to renew your Florida medical marijuana card and what the costs are.

florida medical marijuanas card renewal

Doctor Appointment Requirements: Online or in Person?

Wondering how to renew your Florida medical marijuana card?

Florida safeguards qualifying patients. When you renew your card, your doctor must certify in the OMMU medical marijuana usage register that your condition requires continuing treatment. Keep in mind that the doctor who will recommend medical cannabis must conduct an in-person appointment. Florida prohibits telemedicine recertification.

State Applications, Online or in Person?

OMMU offers online and mail-in Florida medical marijuana card renewals. Once you have registered an account with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, you can renew your card online.

Here is what you will need to remember to get your Medical Marijuana card renewed in Florida:

You may opt for the Florida medical marijuana card renewal online if:

  • Your license’s status does not need to get altered.
  • You have a credit card or debit card.
  • Your license does not have a “Military, Active” status.
  • You will get charged a delinquent fee if you renew your license after the expiration date and your status remains “Clear, Active” or “Clear, Inactive.” Your renewal payments will also include the delinquent fee.
  • After the renewal deadline, if your license had a “Delinquent, Active” or “Delinquent, Inactive” status before, it will change to “Null and Void,” and you should get in touch with your Board office for instructions.

You may opt to renew by mail if:

  • Your license’s status has to be changed.
  • A money order or cashier’s check gets required for payment.
  • You lack a credit card or debit card necessary to complete the transaction.
  • The status of your license is “Military, Active.”
  • Changing your name is a need.
how to renew my florida medical marijuana card

How Much to Renew Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

Wondering “how much to renew my medical marijuana card?”

Florida’s medical marijuana card renewal is not free. The annual charge is $75, plus $2.75 for online renewal. You must also consider the expense of doctor’s appointments to renew your MMJ card.

When applying for renewal, be sure to have enough money to cover the expenses and doctor’s checkups.

How do I Receive my Card?

Online applications usually get processed within ten working days; Mail-in applications take 15 days. If the register is busy, wait times can be longer, so apply as soon as you are eligible. After registering with Florida’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry, you will receive your card in 2-3 weeks.

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Florida has legalized medical marijuana, but you must have a legal card to buy and use it. Once you have applied for and received your medical marijuana card, you must remember to renew it annually to keep benefiting from its advantages.

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