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How to Renew Arizona Medical Marijuana Card?

Renewing Your Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona

If you have been wondering and asking yourself how to renew Arizona medical marijuana card, you have come to the right place.

As of August 27, 2019, the Arizona Department of Health modified the rules governing all medical cannabis cards issued in Arizona. Renewals of MMJ cards now have a two-year validity period rather than just one.

This article will discuss everything you should know about medical marijuanas card renewal in AZ.

how to renew arizona medical marijuana card

Doctor Appointment Requirements: Online or in Person?

What do I need to get a AZ Medical Marijuanas card renewal?” is an all too familiar question from many MMJ patients. Good thing we can answer this today.

When you apply to renew your status as a qualifying patient, you will be required to give the same information you submitted when you first did so. There are, however, several documents that need to be new or recent:

  • A new, up-to-date medical certification.
  • A brand-new, recent image.
  • A current Patient Attestation Form signed and dated with the current date must be obtained and submitted.
  • You must get and provide current proof of your SNAP eligibility.
  • If your name has changed since you submitted your last application, a copy of your identification.

You should note that within the previous 90 calendar days, the doctor had to conduct a physical exam in person. 

Moreover, as long as COVID-19 is around, Arizona has deferred the obligation for initial required appointments with MMJ doctors to receive your first medical marijuana card in the state. Through telemedicine, patients in Arizona can attend doctor appointments, obtain approval for new or renewed medical marijuana cards, and register online.

medical marijuanas card renewal online arizona

State Applications: Online or in Person?

If you are wondering: “Can I renew my Medical Marijuana card online in Pennsylvania?” the answer is yes; there is an option for an AZ Medical Marijuanas card renewal online application.

Every Arizonan who holds a medical marijuana card can access a patient portal. You can download your digital card from this website. They can process your application in as little as a few hours based on Arizona’s new portal application process. By law, they receive a maximum of five business days.

how much to renew my medical marijuana card in New York

How to Renew Arizona Medical Marijuana Card and What Are the Costs?

Then, you ask another important question: “How much to renew my medical marijuana card?

The application fee for a renewal application is the same as the application fee for a new application. 

  • $150 for a Qualifying Patient Application 
  • $75 for a Qualifying Patient Application that is eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) 
  • $350 or $275 if SNAP is suitable for a Minor Patient Application

How Do I Receive My Card?

Approval for an Arizona medical MMJ card is simple after a doctor’s appointment and online application. ADHS will issue a card within ten working days of receiving a qualifying application.


Even though you can use marijuana for recreational throughout the state, there are still many benefits to enrolling in the Arizona Medical Marijuana program. While many would think that not getting their medical marijuana card renewed is the simplest thing, it may not always be the best.

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