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Medical Marijuana and Enhancing Empathy in Relationships

The capacity to place oneself in another person’s situation, view the world from their point of view, and act and think as they do are all manifestations of empathy. A person’s capacity to comprehend and empathize with others can get impacted by cannabis use and is among the medical marijuana benefits.

The door to understanding another’s needs and personal experiences is called empathy. We can recognize other people’s emotions, empathize with them, understand their viewpoint, and differentiate between our own and others’ emotions thanks to the interaction of brain networks.

Medical Marijuana And Enhancing Empathy In Relationships

How Medical Marijuana Can Enhance Empathy and Emotional Connection

So, how can medical marijuana potentially enhance empathy and emotional connection in relationships?

Physical & Mental Process

There is proof to support the notion that empathy necessitates a sophisticated connection between physical and mental processes. The medial prefrontal cortex is important for the decision-making process and response to emotions, and the amygdala, a brain region widely recognized for its role in emotion, both have significant cannabinoid receptors.

Brain Function Changes

Consuming cannabis can lead to short-term and long-term alterations in brain function, including altered emotional connection processing and emotional behavior. For certain people, frequent or prolonged THC use can also disrupt the brain’s physical makeup and promote changes in the areas of the brain that process emotions.


People experience neurotransmitter changes when they use medical marijuana. Cannabis interacts directly with the endocannabinoid system or ECS. Cannabis helps lessen tension and anxiety when used in the proper dosage. However, using the incorrect cannabis strains or amounts can make this physiological reaction worse.

Good and bad weed differences

The Best Cannabis Strains and Consumption Methods for Enhancing Empathy

What are some recommended cannabis strains or consumption methods for enhancing empathy with medical marijuana? Below are some recommendations for cannabis strains for empathy and mood regulation.

Lucid Blue

The combination between Blue Dream and Grateful Breath is strongly encouraged when focusing and paying attention. Paying attention to another person’s words helps them concentrate and stay in the moment.

Maui Wowie

Its major terpenes, caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene, pinene, and linalool, among others, contribute to the savory characteristics of tropical fruits. This cannabis strain provides effective alleviation from mood disorders.


It is an Indica strain that emerged by fusing Purple Punch and Do-Si-Dos. It also has citrus and pepper undertones and is quite effective in elevating mood and empathy.

medical marijuana and empathy

Mindful Consumption: Using Medical Marijuana for Intentional Relationship Building

Cannabis has a major impact on users’ capacity to understand, interpret, and empathize with feelings that people experience, including happiness, grief, and anger. Medical marijuana impacts the brain’s capacity to process emotions, but there might be some compensating effects. 

When they get pointed toward a particular emotion, users and non-users are the same. But with cannabis users, the reaction is diminished on a more in-depth level of processing an emotional connection, as seen by the capacity to empathize.

Examples of How to Use Medical Marijuana to Facilitate Empathy

1. Use Medical Marijuana to Relax Before a Stressful Conversation

If you know you will have a triggering conversation through which you find it difficult to be empathetic; you can use cannabis to help calm you down and open your mind to your partner, friend, or family member’s point of view.

2. Use Medical Marijuana to Look at a Situation Differently

Everyone can be stubborn and unyielding, but when you have a situation where you need to empathize and compromise, this situation can be detrimental to your relationships. Regardless of how close you are to someone, there will be some issues and situations where you disagree.

Fortunately, if you use medical marijuana, you can look past your stubbornness, if that is indeed what is going on, and hopefully, come to a creative compromise.

3. Use Medical Marijuana to Cope with a Sick Relative or Partner

Everyone gets older; unfortunately, sometimes that means those with whom we have strong relationships get sick or fragile. This process can be heartbreaking to watch and even make you angry at the person for their choices or just because they are not the person they used to be. You usually know this anger is irrational when this happens, but that knowledge doesn’t help.

However, if you use medical marijuana, it can help you get out of your head and see things from their perspective.

It will help you feel less stressed and, at least for a little while, less sad and angry about the situation. This relief from your emotions can help you spend quality time with your loved one, empathizing with them instead of spending time together wishing things were different.

Empathy is key for any relationship

Cannabis has positive and negative effects on empathy, but it is crucial to remember that relationships are not universally improved or harmed by cannabis use. Instead, it offers a potential to help more effectively handle disagreements and reach a settlement

If you’re considering using cannabis, it’s always best to consult a doctor first.


How does medical marijuana enhance empathy in relationships?

Medical marijuana has a profound impact on the brain's physical and mental processes, particularly in areas responsible for decision-making and emotional responses. The presence of cannabinoid receptors in the medial prefrontal cortex and amygdala suggests a connection between cannabis use and heightened empathy.

How can medical marijuana be used intentionally for relationship building?

Cannabis significantly impacts users' capacity to understand, interpret, and empathize with emotions. While it affects the brain's emotional processing, compensating effects may come into play. The intentional and mindful use of medical marijuana can enhance empathy in relationships.

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