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How Does Medical Marijuana Influence Sex Drive?

Medical marijuana has long gotten implicated in changing the nature of sex for both men and women. Some couples swear it saves their relationship, but others would never include it in their sexy time regimen again.

The problem with determining the influence of medical marijuana is that the research is qualitative. The research that is more likely to provide us with hard numbers, studying marijuana and libido, is still developing.

Nevertheless, this article will help you understand the impact of medical marijuana on sexual health as we know it today. In particular, the topics of marijuana and erectile dysfunction.

Marijuana and erectile dysfunction

Medical Marijuana and Libido

Medical marijuana is a drug with possible hazards and negative adverse effects. Marijuana and libido can increase at low dosages, but frequently lose effectiveness at higher doses.

The incorrect dosage of this can make some people uneasy and anxious. Additionally, the medicine could prevent orgasm, which would have a reverse outcome.

Moreover, persons who use psychoactive substances before or during sex must examine whether users of the substance and their partners can engage in safe and consensual sexual activity, as marijuana can reduce decision-making, coordination, and reaction speed.

cannabis and intimacy

does medical marijuana influence sex drive

How does medical marijuana influence sex drive? Medical marijuana is known for causing users to feel euphoric. Some individuals report having moods like these, which may enhance their sexual encounters:

  • Increased mood
  • Heightened sexual inclination
  • Heightened arousal

Though there are positive medical marijuana sexual side effects, there always will be negative ones. Most importantly, does cannabis block sex drive? Unfortunately, in some cases, it does. Erectile dysfunction is one of the negative effects of marijuana that it frequently gets linked to.

Cannabis and Sex Drive

It seems likely that marijuana, which is said to help with anxiety and discomfort, would also indirectly improve sex for certain people by impacting those other problems. However, there is not much evidence explicitly connecting cannabis and sex drive.

  • Only 32% of women in a study agreed that it improved their sexual experience, compared to 58% of the males.
  • Men and women were roughly equal in agreement that marijuana increased their attraction for an acquainted partner.
  • Raised sexual satisfaction and enjoyment (70 percent for men and 76 percent for women)
  • Enhanced the feeling of contact (59 percent for men and 57 percent for women)
  • Furthermore, only 34% of men and 56% of women thought cannabis increased cuddling, respectively.

Does Marijuana Block Sex Drive?

Though there are positive medical marijuana sexual side effects, there always will be negative ones. Most importantly, does marijuana block sex drive?

Unfortunately, in some cases, it does. Erectile dysfunction is one of the negative effects of marijuana that it frequently gets linked to.

Marijuana and Erectile Dysfunction

Why familiarize yourself with the topic of marijuana and erectile dysfunction? The inability to maintain an erection is known as ED. It is a typical ailment that might cause stress and relationship problems.

Often, there is little need for alarm if ED occurs occasionally. However, if the problem continues, it can be a sign of another medical issue if it happens frequently.

According to studies, THC causes users to feel high when it enters the brain. This reaction hampers the natural processes of the body. Additionally, it might affect the smooth muscle’s regular operation in the penis, leading to ED.

Men attempting to conceive should abstain from marijuana consumption since it may make it difficult for some men to orgasm. It may also have a detrimental impact on the quality of sperm.

does medical marijuana influence sex drive

The Verdict

Most of the available information about marijuana sexuality relies on questionnaire statistics. Therefore, it is significantly biased toward those who currently use marijuana and is not typical of the broader population, making it challenging to confer solid inferences. However, the scant data suggests that many women taking the substance find it to improve their sexual experiences. Also, check out the post on marijuana for creativity!

If you’re wondering about cannabis and how it impacts intimacy, you can always speak with a doctor.


Does Medical Marijuana Influence Sex Drive?

Medical marijuana is known to induce euphoria and may enhance sexual encounters for some individuals. Positive effects may include increased mood, heightened sexual inclination, and arousal. However, it's crucial to note that there can be both positive and negative sexual side effects associated with medical marijuana.

Can Medical Marijuana Block Sex Drive?

Yes, in some cases, medical marijuana can have negative effects on sex drive, with erectile dysfunction being one frequently reported issue. The incorrect dosage may lead to discomfort, anxiety, and even interfere with orgasm, producing a reverse outcome.

Are There Positive Effects of Marijuana on Sexual Satisfaction?

Some positive effects on sexual satisfaction have been reported, with increased enjoyment, heightened sensation of touch, and enhanced feelings of closeness. However, the impact varies between men and women, with differences in perceptions of increased cuddling.

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